6000BPH Automatic 6 Cavities Blowing Machine For 500mL

1. Electrical

1.1 PLC will protect and control the blowing procedure of the machine

1.2 Operation platform directly controls the machine by EV human-computer interface which will display the production situation intuitively, the parameter can be properly adjusted in the interface according to the blowing technology.

1.3 The human-computer interface has production situation, control parameter and alarm and other interfaces

1.4 Air throttles are fitted at both ends of cylinder, which will make the whole machine more stable

2. Preform scrambler

2.1 The stepless speed regulating of preform loading is accomplished

2.2 Simple structure, widely application

3. Heating part

3.1 Stale infrared ray heating system has 4 heating zone, each of them are controlled saperately

3.2 Hangzhou Xizi module and intelligent control module accomplish the goal of heating every part of preform through adjusting the voltage of infrared ray lamps

3.3 Induced air device overcomes the convection of air, better for stabling heating environment, improving heating effeciency

3.4 Air cooling and water cooling devices avoid the neck from being heated to disformed

4. Blowing machine mold frame

4.1 The mold frame system is driven by action cylinder will move in the guiding rail accurately and stablely

4.2 Quick mold closing and pneumatic high pressure mold locking devices efficiently solve the mechanical mold locking problems such as mold expand and big mold closing line and etc.  

5. Locating device

5.1 The whole machine's transmission is driven by the same power, so the synchronism is perfect

5.2 Mechanical locating design leads to simple structure and stable running situation

5.3 Imported common standard components are used in the chain guiding rail system, so the system is stable and easy to maintain

6. Transfer arm

6.1 Preform transfer arm is driven by cylinder to turn oven and down the preforms and bottles with the features of good synchronism

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