Full electrical servo variable pitch water bottle blowing machine

Full electrical servo bottle blowing machine

variable pitch

Linear full electric PET bottle blow molding machine is a high speed automatic PET blower designed and developed with the most advanced bottle blowing technology at present, the advantages of which can be described as speedy, stable, simple, general purposed and environmental safe.The machine yields abundantly with high efficiency. Equipped with preform auto loading system, the machine works fully automatically with consistent performance and high speed, without any operator's interference during the whole processes. Accordingly, chance of contamination can be reduced manifestly, which assures the quality of products.

Products that can be processed

It is mainly applicable in blow molding PET containers for water, beverage, juice, etc.


Blowers with from 2 to 10 cavities from 4,000 to 20,000 b/hour on 0.55 litres with water bottles.

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