Oxygenated Water Plant Equipment Machine

Oxygen rich purified water is called superoxide living water, drinking oxygen enriched pure water, oxygen can be directly transported through the blood to the brain and parts of the body. It has the characteristics of fatigue reduction, quick recovery of exercise, stamina and memory enhancement. When the common water including tap water and air oxygen reaches equilibrium, the amount of dissolved oxygen in water is about 4 - 8mg/L. After the oxygen enriched water filling machine is filled with oxygen, the dissolved oxygen reaches a balance value of 20-60 mg/L. As a beverage enriched water dissolved oxygen is 20 mg/L, 20 mg/L of China's introduction of oxygen rich water dissolved oxygen or similar products produced in the United States. The oxygen enriched water aeration machine adopts the method of non bubble absorption, and is the most advanced production process in the world at present. The utility model has the advantages of compact structure, simple operation and high inlet efficiency, and the utilization rate of pure oxygen is almost one hundred percent

This rich oxygen filling water of oxygen-enriched water can be applied in water, mineral water, beverage, aquaculture, medical, chemical industry etc

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