Ozone Generator (Air Source) With Mixing Tower

1、the product uses the tube discharge technology, the machine has an efficient ozone mixing system, directly with the water mixed with high concentration of ozone water. Easy to install and easy to use.

2 、fully automatic intelligent control, keys can control the work of the machine, produce high concentration of ozone water, quick and safe.

3、scope of application: family water quality sanitation, small and medium-sized food processing plants, meat processing plants and small living waste water recycling treatment.

Ozone is also active in yeast and parasitic organisms, such as the ability to remove microorganisms and viruses of the following types.

The virus has proved that ozone can kill viruses very well. For example, when Poloi is 0.05-0.45mg/L, 2min will lose its activity.

Cysts under the ozone concentration of 0.3mg/L, the role of 2.4min was completely removed.

Because of the protection of spore coat, spores are 10-15 times more resistant to ozone than the growth bacteria.

Fungi albicans (Candida) and Penicillium (Penicillium) can be killed.

Parasitic organism Manson's Schistosoma mansoni (Schistosoma mansoni) was killed after 3min.

In addition, ozone can also oxidize and decompose pollutants in water, and has remarkable effect on removing odor, decoloring, sterilizing, removing phenol, cyanogen, iron, manganese and reducing COD and BOD in water treatment.

It should be noted that although ozone is a strong oxidizing agent, its oxidizing power is selective, and the readily oxidized matter, such as ethanol, is not readily associated with ozone.

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