UHT Sterilizer (plate type)

The full set of BR0.05~ BR0.5 plate-type sterilizer is suitable for the Pasteur, super Pasteur and ultra high temperature sterilization of liquid materials, such as milk, fruit juice, tea, bear and health care beverage. Through the sterilization of this equipment, the quality guarantee period can be extended. In addition, the combined system design of single section, double sections and multi sections can be done according to the customer requirements for sterilization, heat preservation and cooling. This equipment has quite high recovery rate, compact structure, small occupation, flexible flow change and convenient operation and maintenance, favored by the users. Besides, the ultra high temperature sterilizers including CIP system can be manufactured according to customer requirements.

 Production capacity: 0.5-20t/h
 Sterilization temperature: 137ºC
 Holding time: 5-15s
 Control modes: Semi-automatic, automatic (PLC control, touch screen display system)

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