Water Treatment Plant Reverse Osmosis Machine System

Reverse Osmosis Machine System.The main equipment ofare silica sand filter, active carbon filter, sodium ion exchanger, hollow fiber, RO( reverse osmosis), UV sterilizer, precision filter, ozone generator, water tank etc. The treatment capacity is 0.5-50 ton/hour. It can effectively get rid of muddy. 

1. Customized capacity
The capacity complete depend on the customer demands. 
2. Durable material
The material of water treatment plant is SUS 304.The material of ozone mixing tower tank is SUS 316, which is durable. 
3. Best RO membrane
The RO membrane is American Hydecnme, which is famous. The RO membrane's desalting rate can reach 99.9%, removing over 99.9% ions. It has the features of simple structure, convenient operation and high technological level.

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Water Treatment Plant Reverse Osmosis Machine System

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