Weekly Overview of Global Epidemic COVID-19 Situation

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During Thanksgiving in the United States, the outbreak exploded. One person dies every 17 seconds in Europe! The last month of 2020 coming soon, and the total number of COVID-19 in China has dropped to 68th in the world.

However, the United States, India and other European countries are still mired in the epidemic, and the epidemic that has ravaged the world for more than half a year shows no sign of stopping.



November 26 is the traditional Thanksgiving Day in the United States. Before that, many experts from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have called for avoiding vacations, tours or gatherings. Biden is also trying to persuade everyone not to reunite this year, unity is strength. Even Trump was at home quietly.

Americans obviously didn't listen.

The AAA estimates that 50 million people will travel during the five-day holiday (November 25-29) of Thanksgiving, just down from 55 million last year.


This is a tweet by Dr. Tatiana Prowell of Johns Hopkins University School of medicine. She shared pictures of the sky over the United States. Those dense yellow dots are recent airplanes. She said that the United States ranks first in the number of confirmed cases and deaths in the world, but a large number of people still travel on Thanksgiving. "Americans only care about their own mentality, killing hundreds of thousands of us". What a terrible sight! 

Bill Schaffner, an epidemiologist at Vanderbilt University, believes that Thanksgiving may become an accelerator for the U.S. epidemic.

In the United States, Texas and California are the states with more than 1 million confirmed cases. Florida is catching up, and California seems likely to surpass Texas. Since November 17, more than 94% of the state's population and most businesses are subject to the most stringent restrictions, and people across the state have to wear masks when they go out.

Then California announced a one month curfew from November 21.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia is the highest in the United States, according to the analysis of the American Association of scientists. In North Dakota, 18.2 of every 1 million people die from the COVID-19, or even the highest in the world. Now there is a shortage of nurses in the state. Some hospitals offer nurses a weekly salary of $8000 to $10000. To put it bluntly, this is really "life money".

U.S. President Trump has announced that distribution of the new crown vaccine will begin next week or the following week. Priority will be given to front-line workers, medical staff and the elderly.


India has just finished the traditional grand festival of Diwali. In order to avoid the deterioration of air quality, New Delhi ordered that fireworks and firecrackers should not be set off before the Diwali festival. However, the public ignored it and set off firecrackers as usual. As a result, the air pollution index of New Delhi has repeatedly exploded, exceeding the safety standard of who by 9 times! Because of the bad air, respiratory diseases will also increase significantly.

At present, the total number of COVID-19 in India has exceeded 9 million, approaching the 10 million mark. The reason is that 2% of the people in India have poor health habits, which is probably lower than that in the United States.

This is not slandering India, but the conclusion of the paper. This paper studies data from 106 countries around the world, involving more than 20 parameters, including population density, demographics, disease prevalence and health quality. "People in poor, low-income countries appear to be more immune to the disease than their high-income peers," the authors conclude.

Another paper studied the epidemic data of 122 countries, 80 of which were middle and high-income countries. The results showed that the mortality rate of new coronavirus was lower in the countries with large population, because the people in these countries were exposed to a wide variety of microorganisms, especially the so-called "Gram-negative bacteria". These bacteria usually cause severe pneumonia, blood, urinary and skin infections, but they also produce an antiviral cellular interferon that protects cells from the new coronavirus.

In terms of passenger flow between India and China, on October 30, a flight from New Delhi, India to Wuhan, after landing quarantine, found that there were 4 newly diagnosed passengers and 22 asymptomatic infected people. At least 23 of the 26 infected people were Indian.

Subsequently, on November 5, the Chinese Embassy in India announced that due to the epidemic situation, foreigners in India were temporarily suspended from entering China with valid Chinese visa and residence permits for work, private affairs and reunion. The Chinese embassy (consulate) in India will not issue a health statement for the above-mentioned personnel. Since November 7, Chinese and foreign passengers flying from India to China must board with double negative certificates.

COVID-19 is also the most important country in the world's major economies, according to a recent report by a number of agencies such as the Oxford Research Institute and the British Economic Research Institute. India's economic growth will be lower than its previous average.

European Countries

Confirmed cases in Europe fell back this week, but the number of deaths in Italy, Britain, Russia, Poland and other countries remained high. According to the WHO warning on November 19, one person in Europe dies of COVID-19 every 17 seconds. Perhaps, as pointed out in the previous study, are middle and high-income countries less immune to the virus than low-income countries?

  At present, the United States has the largest number of deaths in the world, followed by two other countries in the Americas, namely Brazil and Mexico; two Asian countries, India and Iran; and the rest are all European countries, namely Britain, Italy, France, Spain and Russia.

Recently, I read the current situation of European city closure of Po, a blogger in Europe. I feel that the city closure this time is much more relaxed than that in spring. People still come and go on the street, and I feel that it is lonely. Many European governments have also decided to relax local control before Christmas, so that people can have a happy and peaceful Christmas.

The last month of 2020 is coming. I hope everything will be OK in 2021 in a month!

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