Why is water the best health product?

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1. Water can strengthen the brain.

The water supply of the human body is strictly distributed according to the importance of various organs of the body, so that the most important organs first get enough water and nutrients transported by water. For example, the brain accounts for one-fifth of the body weight, but receives one-fifth of the whole blood of the human body. Therefore, drinking more water can prove the normal operation of the brain, so water has the function of strengthening the brain.

2. Water can protect your heart.

If you have angina pectoris, drinking more water can reduce the blood viscosity in the blood vessels. In addition, proper activity can reduce the incidence of heart disease. Many people like regular infusion to flush blood vessels, in fact, as long as you usually drink more water can also play the same role.

3. Water can nourish the kidney.

The kidney is the detoxification organ of the human body. The kidney excretes toxins from the body by excreting urine. Water is a natural high-quality diuretic. Drinking more water can make the kidney discharge more toxins from the body, and also make your kidney more healthy.

4. Water can make the eyes brighter.

The lens in the eye is also a living structure, which is in constant metabolism. Water plays an important role in its metabolism and keeping transparent. The lack of water in the elderly is one of the causes of crystal turbidity. Therefore, let oneself develop the habit of drinking more water. Drinking boiled water and tea can reduce the turbidity of crystal. Make yourself look longer.

5. Water improves beauty.

Because the skin is the last to get water supply in the human body, and it is also the most vulnerable to water shortage. The water in the body first supplies the brain, then the internal organs of the human body, then the bones and muscles, and finally the skin. Therefore, if the water supply is short, the skin will be affected first. Water shortage can lead to dry skin and wrinkles. It also accelerates the aging of appearance. If you don't want to grow old fast, you can't make your skin dehydrated.

6. Water can relieve pain.

When there is severe water shortage, the production of histamine in nerve conduction and subordinate water regulating factors will be too active to cause allergy, asthma and chronic pain. Chronic pain includes indigestion pain, rheumatoid arthritis, angina pectoris, waist pain, intermittent claudication pain, headache and persistent pain, enteritis pain and related constipation. If you add enough water, you can relieve the pain.

7. Water can strengthen muscles and bones.

Ordinary tap water contains calcium. People call this kind of water hard water. Calcium in water is a cheap source of calcium needed by the human body. Calcium supplement through water can make our bones stronger and reduce osteoporosis.

8. Water can also cure diseases.

Many people choose to take medicine intravenously after getting sick, because the effect is fast, but it is actually to relieve the water shortage in the body and replenish water. If you have a mild cold and gastroenteritis, drinking plenty of water can cure it quickly, even faster than using drugs.



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